dark-eyed sister



Hi guys,

2 nights ago my cat Riku became very ill and had to be rushed to the animal hospital for complications with lower urinary tract disease. He had an emergency procedure done that saved his life but is still unable to pass fluids on his own, and needs more help before he can come home or get better. I’ve maxed out my credit card paying for him. and right now his bills are at $2000. He needs between $700 and $2500 more depending on whether or not he’s going to need surgery after being catheterized for the next two days. I am completely at a loss for what to do, as I don’t qualify for their loan program because I have shit credit.

If there’s anything you can spare, even a dollar, he and I would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. I’ve set up a paypal for him at getbetterriku@gmail.com - I feel really shitty for even having to ask, but I had to do this even though I couldn’t afford it. He’s my angel/the light of my life/the sweetest creature I’ve ever known, and I can’t let him go yet.

I live in Montreal and can provide a picture of his first bill if anyone wants proof.

Thank you for reading, and please reblog this post if you can